Stand-To Match Day
Stand-To Match Day is
November 11, 2020
Stand-To Match Day is
November 11, 2020

Homefront Heroes Ministries

Goal: $5,000.00

Specific Need

* Filing for our individual 501(c)(3) 

* Publish first book/bible study

* Filming and editing for video series for military wife community groups 

* Additional printable resources about our ministry for churches/chapels/organizations

* Homefront Heroes Community Group Support (supplies, merchandise, food cost, childcare, facility rental)

* Supporting specific needs of military wives and their families (paid expenses to a military wife conference hosted by Homefront Heroes Ministries, paid expenses to military marriage retreats, paid expenses for military marriage/family vacations, birthday boxes for children of deployed servicemembers, back to school support for military families, help cover expenses for military families seeking adoption)

* Travel expense for speaking engagements that will support military wives around the globe



To encourage military wives to grow in their faith, develop them spiritually and equip them practically.


Military wives are hurting all over the world. They are worn thin by deployments, long training seasons and frequent moves. Many of these women face these struggles alone without community. Our vision behind Homefront Heroes is to meet the military wife right where she is, whether online through our website, blog, and social media presence or in person at a local community group. We want to be a place where she can come for support, encouragement, and resources to help her thrive in this military life. We are working diligently to provide books, Bible studies and video series designed specifically for the military wife and the unique life she lives. We also want to empower military wives in our community to use their gifts in writing, speaking, and leading to grow our HFH community. We believe we are stronger together and to reach military wives, we need a committed army of women and intentionally designed resources to grow our community and reach our girl. Military families are hurting, and we believe when you reach the woman, you touch the entire family. We want Homefront Heroes to be a household name, where a military wife knows she can run to for support, encouragement and resources that meet her exactly where she is. At Homefront Heroes we are developing strong military wives; wives that stand together in community, supporting their husband's and loving their families. We are committed to moving this ministry forward until every military wife knows she's not alone. 


24710 Chiswell Dr Apt 2
Fort Riley KS 66442
Phone: (512) 595-1562

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